April 25, 2014

Ubuntu Updates

I now have updated two desktops and one laptop to Ubuntu 14.04.  I tend to stay with the LTS (long term support) releases so I end up seeing many alterations to the OS.

My favorite change so far is the integration of the menu bars into the window title.  This has allowed me to go back to having my window focus follow the mouse instead of click and maintain all the screen real estate.

 I had to learn a bit about Samba 4 though.  I waded the factory configuration file which had all the options well commented but just could not figure out how to translate my of Samba 3 config over.  On a hunch, I used the old config and voila, it worked!  I tip my hat to the Samba team for keeping it backward compatible for us slackers.

Xorg has come a long way as well.  On my new home system, I am running the embedded Intel graphics which Xorg figured out and worked with right out of the box.  Everything appears to be functional, even OpenGL.  I guess I will have to load Steam and see what happens.

I am still trying to figure out how to get Lotus Notes back on my system at work though.  On 12.04, I managed to get all the appropriate libraries loaded to make the 32-bit Notes client run.  However, many of them are no longer accessible in 14.04.  I did find that IBM now make a new client (version 9) that just does the right thing.  Hopefully I can get hold of that and see if it does the trick.  Otherwise, I am stuck remoting into my Windows 7 virtual machine.

I have the day off today so I am going to take care of some clutter sitting around the house.  Looks like I have a car load of stuff to take to good will and a pile of books for the used book store.

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