April 27, 2014

Life Review

I had quite an interesting weekend.  I happened to have Friday off as part of my 9/80 so I had three days from the monotony called work.  I spent Friday cleaning out some clutter from the house.  Ellen had four bags of clothing and shoes while I had two desktop computers, two laptops, a full 5.1 stereo system and a box of books.  I then spent a few hours with my friend Marcel that runs Crenshaw computers in Gardena. 

Once I got back home, I did a little research on old computers that I have owned.  In doing so, I started to read my old blog entries.  So many things I have forgotten about.  I spent the rest of the day perusing through my entries, at least until Ellen came home.

Most of Saturday and part of Sunday was spent playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes.  I find the Lego games a great way to relax.  I am enjoying seeing all the different Marvel characters interfacing. 

On a tech note, I finally got blu ray movies to play on Ubuntu.  I really hate all this DRM junk.  I do not understand why movie companies spend so much money on something that does not work. 

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