March 11, 2012

H4O - 2N17X - March 10, 2012

Once again, the SoCal group had a great run on 2N17X. We only had four trucks on this run (H2, H3, H3T and FJ Cruiser). This allowed us to get through the trail pretty quickly and investigate a few alternative routes on the return on 2N17.

(click image to view larger image)

The weather was just beautiful with temps in the mid seventies. Just the occasional wisp of cloud in the sky.

Serge and Stich successfully made it up Subman Hill.

The alternative routes on 2N17 were short but provided some entertain obstacles.

It got a little windy later in the day which brought in some clouds but didn't harm the view from the top.

Portager got a chance to show-off his rock rings on his bead locks.

We wrapped things up early and had dinner about 4:00 at Claim Jumper.

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