November 28, 2011

H4O Event – Cleghorn/2N17X - November 25,2011 – Photos and Recap

I finally found some time to work on my pics!

All of us met under the freeway on Cleghorn road

(click images for larger version)

Powerline hill proved to be a good obstacle on the way up.

Articulation hill also provided a lot of quality entertainment (and pucker)

There were plenty of off-camber sections on the trail to provide a good adrenalin rush

We found a great spot to stop and have lunch all together.

Only two trucks continued with us up 2N17X. I had quite a few challenges as the leader on this trail. Just the entry to this road gives you a feel of what is to come.

As night few, things got interesting. I got a few good glamor shots with my WalMart special camera

As usual, All my pics can be viewed here: LINKY

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