March 25, 2012

H4O - Last Chance Canyon - SoCal Moab Shakedown Run - Photos and Recap

Mikkel decided to make a last minute shakedown run and put out an invitation to all those that wanted to attend. We had the three major models represented with Mikkel in his H1, Zach in his H2 and myself with my H3. I also had Arthur (abearden) and his gal keeping me company.

As usual, the trail has changed some from the rains since our last time. The v-notch bypass seemed to have lost some of the steepness.

We found a side road that we thought might have taken us to the Dutch Cleanser Mine, but didn't quite make it there.

We decided to head back down LCC. We found a few more challenges on the way.

We were able to get off the trail and reach Boron for dinner at Domingo's around 4:30. We couldn't have asked for a better day. I was the only that needed to be strapped. We had clear skies with temps in the low to mid seventies and no carnage. I even conquered the hill without assistance or incident!

The rest of my pics can be seen here: LINKY

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