October 23, 2011

H4O Event - Last Chance Canyon - October 22nd, 2011 - Photos and Recap

Once again, the troop from SoCal had a great run up Last Chance Canyon. We had a total of ten trucks (one H1, three H2s, one H2T three H3s, one H3t and an FJ Cruiser).

The trail has changed quite a bit since our last run here. It was great watching people take their own track and making good decisions.

However, the infamous hill became my nemesis. I was able to make it up just fine without lockers but did not see a particular spot that caused me to seriously get off-camber and come pretty close to rolling (the inclinometer was at 35 and truck was swaggering). Fortunately, there were some seasoned wheelers that came running to my aid and helped out. I am sure there will be pics posted later and I hope the visitors send us the video they captured.

We had a few minor things happen to rigs on this trip. JRWid had a tierod adjustment loosen up, causing his wheels to turn outword. We were able to get it realigned by eye sight enough to get him back on the trail. Kurt had a minor glitch in his electrical but was able to repair it in the parking lot after dinner.

After a brief visit to the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, my friend Stitch separated from the group to get home early while the rest of took Last Chance Canyon back out.

We wrapped up the night with dinner at Domingos in Boron.

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