November 1, 2010

CHO - Cleghorn/2N17X

Once again, the CHOmies in SoCal got together for yet another great run. I had asked Seth if he would lead this time since I had run out of trails that I know well enough.

We decided on two trail just south of Cajon pass, Cleghorn and 2N17X. We had one heck on a turnout for a rainy day.
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If I recall, we had eighteen vehicles altogether. There were some Jeeps that joined us at the beginning of Cleghorn with another joining us later on the trail. (Sorry, I was to excited about wheeling!)

Unfortunately, we had our first casualty just a short distance up the hill. Mudbug's front diff siezed in the middle of the road. After first removing the driveshaft and finally a halfshaft, he was able to resume the trip, taking the easy bypasses.

As we resumed, the trail became a lot of fun. It offered a lot of optional challenges. The sky also became clear offering some nice weather.

At one point, I thought I had taken the hard route only to pop out ahead of a group that was in a tight channel that had a steep side slope.

It was tough getting the H2s through but I managed to spot them successfully unscathed.

The rest of the group was patiently waiting for us to come down and start lunch towards the end of Cleghorn.

After lunch, eight of us continued on to take 2N17X. There were some great obstacles along with awesome views!

Not to mention some pucker factor for some of us less seasoned wheelers. ( I was tipped to the left the the angle is exaggerated a bit)

We completed the final obstacle at sunset. Perfect timing.

We then went for the traditional post-trail dinner by heading to Chili's in Fontana.

Everybody made it back home okay. We had some other minor issues. AlisoH3 was experiencing some popping noises in low range, Jeff (HXC member) started stalling but discovered his air intake had come loose (fixed on trail) and your truly dragged the left rear fender against the mountainside leaving some fresh scars.

I would like to give a big thanks to Seth for leading us on a great run.

As always, you can view all my pics here: LINKY

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