September 26, 2010

CHO - Last Chance Canyon

We had an awesome run up Last Chance Canyon this Saturday. We had five rigs (3 H2s and 2 H3s). Weather got a little hot (100F+) but did not keep us from having fun.

As usual, the trip starts off with airing down and a quick safety speech. Since all confirmed parties were there, we started the trail at 9:30AM.

It wasn't long before 06 H3 was able to take his first obstacle in the canyon.

The first recovery was performed on my truck Guess I chose the wrong track.

Zach having a blast taking navigating a rock garden that I was unable to take.

We had to pull the strap out to recover my truck yet again. Not a good start for the Chapter President!

The v-notch bypass provided some excitement for mudbug.

JRWid was the only one that tackled the aggressive track climbing the steep hill.

Coming back down, we all took the aggressive route!

It is amazing how different a trail can be on the return trip.

It was a great trip. The only carnage was Zach losing a step on a rock.

We got off the trail about 6:00 and drove to Boron for dinner at Domingo's Restaurant.

This was a spectacular run. We had the HiLift out twice, tow strap three times and no breakdowns. Everybody enjoyed the trip with no attitudes what so ever.

All my my pictures can be found here: LINKY

The original trip link can be found here: LINKY


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