February 6, 2011

CHO - Last Chance Canyon

We had awesome run up Last Chance Canyon. We had ten trucks show: five H2s, four H3s and one H1. We had people show up from far away places like San Diego and Las Vegas

As usual, the winter storms transformed the canyon and made some obstacles harder, but not impossible.

The v-notch looked too intimidating once again so we all took the bypass.

We did have a couple hangups in some of the rock gardens to follow.

Some more extreme than others.

All but one took the challenge of "the hill".

It was easy driving to the Burro Schmidt tunnel where most of us took the journey through the mine to nowhere.

We were running a little late so we came back out of the hills down Mesquite Canyon to air up by Randsburg Road.

A few parted ways from the main group while the rest of us drove to Boron for the best Mexican food you can get in the middle of nowhere.

As usual, you can find all my pics from the trip here: LINKY

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