September 18, 2010

A Couple of Hectic Weeks

Wow, has work been hectic lately. Seems like every task is a top priority rush. Somehow amidst all the chaos I managed to get some fun stuff done.

I recently ordered a Wolo 840 air tank and compressor to put in the Hummer. This would allow me to have on-board air and not have to pull out the cheesy portable compressor when I air back up after a trip. It took me an entire weekend to just get the compressor and tank mounted. I had to pull the entire front of the truck off to mount the tank in the bumper in between the tow hooks.

I found room for the compressor behind the right headlight.

The truck sat apart for a week until the next Friday. I guess I was in a hurry to get it completed and forgot I left the cabinets open in the back of the garage again. CRACK! The back window disintegrated. I bolted the front back together enough to get the truck to a body shop to fix the rear door. I was bummed out since I had a Club Hummer Offroad meeting Saturday.

The club meeting went well. Got to meet some new people and make plans for future trips. I decided to take a group back up to Last Chance Canyon on the September 25th. It was a fun day with my CHOmies!

The next day, Ellen and I took a few days off to go to San Diego for our twelfth anniversary. We had a lot of fun taking the convertible around the city and spending a day at Sea World.

Today, I got the air tank finished on the Hummer. Most of the gear is packed and ready for the run next weekend. Good thing since I have to work on Sunday.

As usual, you can find all my pics here:
Hummer Air Tank : LINKY
San Diego trip : LINKY


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