January 11, 2009

Weekend Activities

Another packed weekend has blasted by. Lot of good and bad happened.

I picked up my Hummer from the dealership Friday after getting a routine oil change and tire rotation. I had an annoying rattle coming from the right fender. Well, it turns out that part of the new air intake I recently installed fell off into the fender. Yeah, that one little screw that I thought I wouldn't need actually turned out to be important. I spent some time Saturday fishing it out and putting on the screw that was needed. I also took some time to finally clean the K&N filter. While working on the Hummer, I noticed that I have a CV joint leaking. Looks like it is going back to the shop. At least it will be warranty work.

Friday still had more bad news. It seems my iritis came back. My eye doctor only took five minutes to confirm my fears and wrote me a script for Pred Forte. I am wearing sunglasses everywhere again do to the excruciating pain i go through with bright lights.

Saturday evening was spent installing Eeebuntu (Ubuntu Linux made for the Asus EEE PC) on my netbook. This really did the trick to turn the EEE PC into a functional laptop. it had all the drivers needed and work perfectly after installation. Much better then the default OS that came installed.

Sunday started off well. We went out for breakfast and then grocery shopping for the week. Ellen decided to make beef stew to have ready for dinner Monday. Well, in the process of cleaning up, Ellen managed to slice her thumb rather deep. I didn't want to take chances, so I took her to the emergency room where the doctor put in four stitches.

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