January 20, 2009

Getting in Shape

I can't believe how nice the weather was this last weekend (well, at least in the South Bay area). The temperature rose to just above 80 degrees, forcing me to cruise around with the sunroof open and the windows down!

I spent Friday out in the garage assembling the wire harness to install the navigation system in Ellen's car. The nice weather made it pleasant. It also gave me some time to clean out the mess that had been slowly accruing the last few months. I got everything organized, tools put away and even swept out the dirt.

Saturday, I opened the dash on the Solstice, only to find out I had the wrong harness. Grrrrrr. I had to special order the correct one. It takes a bit to open the dash on that little car, so I was a little frustrated, needless to say.

Sunday was a day of reality. I had been thinking about getting back in shape for a while. I looked into gym membership, even thought about a trainer. I am really not the type to go to a gym. I never liked P.E. classes in school. I used to work out with some buddies back in my tweens, so I decided to get a home gym. Ellen and I went down to Sport Authority and picked out the Bowflex PR1000. I know several people that had done some serious building on a Bowflex, not to mention the price was right too!

I got my routine, so all I need to do is start exercising.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, I'm happy for you. Especially if that bo-whatchamacallit doesn't just sit there and collect dust.

    I totally need to do that. 238 is not good... :-)

    Best wishes!