October 12, 2008

A Trip to Wine Country

Ellen and I spent Saturday in Temecula with our new friends, Terri and Jason. We met them in Williams, AZ during our trip to the Grand Canyon.

They took us around for some wine tasting. It was just the ladies that partook in the sampling while us guys sat around and bonded.

One of the vineyards had some really cool stuff, like furniture that was made entirely from the oak barrels used to make the wine.

One of the more "interesting" items ws the jar of Frog Balls (yes, you read it right). It was actually pickled brussels sprouts. Very delicious!

I also worked on Jason's laptop, an old Apple G3 PowerBook laptop (Pismo for you geeks out there). I kept goofing things up and ended up having to bring it back home to finish it. I still need bring some stuff home I left a work to complete the task (2-1/2" firewire disk case). I hope that is the missing piece that I could not figure out.

The sunset was beautiful in Temecula. It was a great day to spend with our new friends!

I am tired . . . so I am signing off.

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