October 15, 2008

Rubik on Acid

I can remember the Rubik's Cube when it first came out. I never did figure out the magical pattern to solve it. My friends would show-off how they could do it every time with less than 50 moves (in the worse case, it only takes 21).

Rubik's Revenge came out, which was 4x4x4 and a little harder. Totally impossible for my brain to grasp.

Later came the Rubik's Professional Cube, a 5x5x5 wonder. Might as well be quantum physics as far as my mind is concerned.

But it doesn't stop there! There is a company making a 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 cube, with plans on going up to 11x11x11!
Go check it out! LINKY

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