October 6, 2008

Lego Batman

Well I had a pretty good weekend. It started out by putting the Hummer in the shop. I apparently broke a couple of exhaust hangers during my last off-road expedition. The shop loaned me a 2009 H3 without the adventure package. It was really weird to drive a stock Hummer so close to the ground. It was also an automatic, so I kept trying to press the imaginary clutch pedal.

Since I was off Friday, I decided to swing by Game Stop and pickup Lego Batman. Out of all the Lego series, this has to be the best one. The programmers did a good job of adding new features. Also, the game does not follow any movies like the Star Wars or Indiana Jones games do, so the story can not be anticipated. The musical score from the Tim Burton movies really compliments the on-screen action as well. If you liked the Lego Star Wars games, you will love Lego Batman.

Not too much else happening. I am getting ready for my twenty year high school reunion in two weeks. Thanks to cheeser, I will not have a last minute panic trying to fix my tie. Zipper ties are the greatest!

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  1. That is superb, my son adores star wars lego and constantly bugging me regarding it - your posting has solved a number of my thoughts. Time for lots more looking!