March 6, 2008

Hummer Carnage

Hummer Carnage

Tuesday was a bad day for me. I discovered just how tough my truck is . . . . not.

Yep, I found a firebox from the sixties to drag down the side of my baby.

Damage done to box . . . none.

I was upset all day, thinking about how this happened. Stupid me left my sunglasses on while I was inside the parking structure at work. I remember looking and not seeing anything. But wait . . . it gets better.

After I got home after work, I licked my finger and was able to rub some of the paint off, so I pulled out a garden hose and proceeded to rub the red paint off with a rag. I got most of the paint off, but apparently I had quite a bit of grit in the rag because the fender had all kinds of little scratches, kinda like I took a scouring pad to it. Depressed, I back my truck into the garage. Just about up to where I stop, I hear a loud crunch noise. Yep, I left a cabinet door open in the garage which in turn dented the rear door.

I don't mind some damage done to my truck. I just wish it happed while offroading, not driving in the city . . .

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