March 30, 2008

Pioneer AVIC-D3 Installed

Finally got my Pioneer AVIC-D3 installed in my H3 this weekend. I had a few lessons learned, but overall, it went well.

I used the Metra GMOS-04 harness. I have the Monsoon system with OnStar, so this seemed logical. The GMOS-04 also provided a few other leads, the speed sensor, reverse sensor and parking brake (even though I chose not to use it). The only problem I had with the harness was using the wrong illumination light. Use the Orange/White wire!

For the mounting kit, I used the American International GMK382 double-DIN kit. I had to cut out the middle bar to allow the AVIC-D3 to fit. A little careful work with a file will make it look it was never there. I still had to remove the tab that supported the stock radio in the rear. I really didn't want to use a saw or grinder in there so I just broke it out using a pair of pliers.

The GPS antenna gave me another challenge. I used a little L brace and mounted it where the factory GPS antenna would go. The magnetic base of the antenna held it firmly on the L brace. Only problem was that it did not get reception there. Thanks to TonyH3, I found the best location is under the plastic runner that runs along the top sides.

As usual. I have taken a few pics and have updated my mod list:
AVIC-D3 Installation Pics
Mod List


  1. Hi there. I've had some issues with the exact same install. Wondering if you can provide some help. I need to know specifically what the blue wire connects to coming out of the deck as well as the red wire. As I have it now, the blue is not attached to anything and the red wire from deck goes to red wire on harness.


  2. The red wire needs to connect to ignition +12V (power that is only on when the ignition is turned on). The blue wire is used to run automatic antennas.

    Here is a link to the installation manual. It will go into more detail if you need it.

  3. I did this exact same install in my H3 this past weekend. I love it. I pulled it back out the other night to do the video bypass and install the same Pyle backup camera that you have. Now the d3 only switches to backup camera mode when I am in park an it does not shut off when I drive. The interior lights also kick on when I come to a full stop. Any ideas what I have done wrong? Also, did you mount the camera on the actual license plate or center it under the spare tire? Thanks!

  4. Nevermind. I had to set the polarity on the d3 to Battery instead of ground. I mounted my backup camera the same place that you did. I\'m kinda worried about it getting submerged when I back the boat in. Do you know if the Pyle camera is waterproof?

  5. Hmmm. Not sure about the video issue. Sounds like you tapped the wrong lead for the reverse signal off the GMOS-04. Maybe in combination with the parking brake bypass (if you did that).

    My camera is mounted just below the spare. It is easy to pop-off the plastic on the bumper for access to the fasteners.

  6. Mine has been okay so far. I have never submerged it.