March 2, 2008

More Hummer Mods

Man, been busy this weekend putting on some nice additions to my H3.

After two years, I finally needed to change my wipers. WalMart ran out on Anco brand, so I decided to try out a set of Michelin Radius. I think they actually have a nicer look to them. Sorry, I live in LA, so I can not tell you how well they work in the snow. Here are some pics: LINKY

Next came the K&N air filter. I stayed away from the CAI (Cold Air Intake) kits since California has made them illegal. I did not notice any additional noise from this one, even with the air box lid off. Here are some pics of that: LINKY

I finished off the weekend by installing a ScanGaugeII unit. I went through many scenarios of where to mount the unit. Since I have so many other goodies mounted, I decided to place it on top of the steering column. More pics: LINKY

I have had several PMs asking me what I have done added to my H3, so I decided to blast-out a web page detailing everything: LINKY

Next on the list of stuff to add is a Pioneer AVIC-D3 GPS unit and some new treds. Not sure what I want for tires yet. I drive the H3 mostly in the city so I will most likely keep it close to the stock tires. Maybe some BFG A/Ts. I actully like the Bridgstones I have right now, except for the fact I cut a few chunks off of them while mountain climbing in the Eastern Sierras.

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