May 23, 2006


Ellen is doing well! The doctors are impressed with how fast she is recovering. Ellen even kicked me out and told me to go eat and rest for a while. We watched a video about colostomy care which is kinda freaky knowing that part of your intestine is sticking out through your belly! I am going to look for some home care to assist her with taking care of it for the time being. Good thing is that the colostomy is only temporary until things get well inside her. The estimate is three to six months right now. Of course this means a second surgery, but she did so well with this one!

Ellen has started exercising already, starting with breathing exercises. Tomorrow, she will start walking again to get the bowels "kick-started" back into action. If all goes well, she will be home by next week.

Thanks to all of your prayers and thoughts! We appreciate it!

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