May 22, 2006

Update on Ellen

It looks like Ellen was not as healthy as we believed. She went into surgery Monday night at 6:30 to have a section of her colon removed. The doctors took a careful look at the cat scan and noticed several air pockets in her abdominal cavity. This is caused from a perferation in the colon where air was literally leaking into her guts. The only way to fix it is surgery. The doctor had things all wrapped-up at 9:30 and Ellen was back in her room at 10:00. The doctor said she did very well. Ellen is not the most tolerant of pain and is using the pain killer as much as possible.

Please keep your prayers and/or thoughts with her. I am spending the night at the hospital with her as soon as I take care of a few things at home, like the cat.

I apollogize if this is the first some of you have heard about this. It is hard to talk to everyone tonight.

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