May 24, 2006

Still Recovering

I guess Ellen is feeling better. She sent me home yesterday at 4:30. I haven't had much rest and it was starting to show. Not to mention that Ellen needed it too! She fell asleep pretty much for the rest of the night with the exceptions of the nurse coming in to check her vitals. Her bowels were starting to grumble right before I left, so the digestive tract is coming back to life.

I went to work today to get some of the monotony off my mind. Ellen called me around 10:30 to give me the latest. Her digestive tract is really coming to life now so the doctors are allowing her to drink water again. Yep, this is the first time she was allowed to drink since Saturday night. The hospital has some information about getting home care for Ellen as well. We have an appointment with the ostamy specialist tomorrow, so I think I will get the info about home care after that.

Ellen says the pain is disappearing slowly. Her fever is almost gone and her white blood cell count is dropping which means the infected tissue is deminishing. Still doesn't look like she will be home until next week, which give me time to get the apartment back in order. I have been a total bachelor! The laundry is piled pretty high. I really need to get that started tonight since I am out of clean underware.

Ellen's employer has been really good as well. Her boss, Steve, has been helping to get everything together and will keep her position open for her. Ellen likes working there and wants to stay employed. I am sure she will be back just to get out of the house!

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