March 1, 2006

It's a Geek's Life

I just upped my level of geekdom once again. During some final configurations on flynn (my Sun server), I was forced to register a domain ( Now I can route my email much easier and it won't bounce back off servers that verify it came from a legal domain.

I have also been building a Sun system for a developer on the XFCE project ( back in Germany. I used to be a contributor for a while and I want to continue to give to the project. Besides, they have a cute logo! :-)

My iritis came back once again. The doctor found no traces of it three weeks ago and now it is back with a vengence. I amn leaving work early to see the doctor again. I just wish it would go away for good. I get really tired of having that needle-in-the-eye feeling all the time. It really sucks.

On the good side, Ellen and I were talking about the H3 again. Looks like I am going to get it as soon as she is past her probation period at her new job. YAY!

My old company I worked for at NASA, Arcata, got in contact with me and offered my old job back with a substantial raise. Ellen and I decided against it. I really like living down here. My asthma has almost gone away, my cars aren't getting sandblasted, Ellen has a really good job that she likes and the temperature is just about always 65 degrees! I miss my old job, but not living in the "sandbox" called Antelope Valley. I offered to consult, but we will see what happens.

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