February 27, 2006

Weekend Update

Holy cow! A lot has happend in the last week!

I did a presentation for a new menu for Raytheon's thin client kiosks. They basically allow a user to walk up to a kiosk and connect to any Windows system in Raytheon. Awesome power potential! I got the okay to put it in production March 7th.

Flynn, my server at home, is built and fully online! I am finally running the latest Apache for kharam.no-ip.info and just got the DLT backups working Saturday night. The Ultra-60 has been powered down and awaits to have OpenSolaris installed. This will be my tinkering system.

Ellen and I were invited to a birthday party for a couple from the Rooster Teeth forums, marsman0013 and his wife LytishRed. We had the time all planned out for 5:00. Well, while getting ready to clean the dishes after breakfast, I realized we have no hot water. The regular plumber was not going to make it until Monday. Well, our landlord approved us using a different plumber and we got it all fixed at 6:00. Ellen and I cleaned up and went ot the party. I was very glad to go, because we got a chance to meet another RT forum regular, jamoan. It was a great gathering! I forgot my camera, but some pictures were taken and I am hoping to get a copy of them.

Sunday, we went to see out tax guy in Palmdale. With the sale of the house and the major raise in income, we still made out. We owed federal but made out on state. Sure, we only got a few hundred back total, but we just don't have the deductions this time around.

That's about it until the next journal!

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