March 2, 2006

Flynn has sound . . . and more!

A few weeks ago, I decided to put a graphics card in Flynn (my Sun server) and use it as my workstation. I found an XVR-500 framebuffer in storage so I dropped it in. The 3D capabilities of this card are pretty awesome. This was great, until I tried playing music . . . no sound device. I forgot that little detail. So I started my quest on Google for a Sun sound card. The only one I found that would work was an Antares P-0027. Ebay turned up one for $50, but it was in Australia and he wasn't returning my emails. So I continued looking. Well, the cheapest I found was around $600! Suddenly, my music wasn't that important.

I got chatting with my bud, Chris. He knew of a Sound Blaster that would work with Solaris, but it was USB. I had no USB on the Enterprise-250. Between Chris and I, we discovered there are quite a few USB cards that will work just fine. He also found the iMic sound device. I spent a few minutes, logged onto and spent about $80. I even ordered a USB hub that fits in the unused floppy bay in the server.

I got it all installed and voila . . . it all works perfectly! My 5 gig USB pocket drive even works. This adds so much functionality!

I updated my computer photo album if you wish to see the process . . .

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