January 23, 2006

Long Time, No Update

Well, it is the beginning of the week, so it must be time to update the ol' blog.

We finally sold the Trans Am Saturday to CarMax for $4000. We really wanted $5000, but we both did want the hassle of a private sale. The car was also having issues starting at the lot, so we took the money and counted our blessings.

My eyes are doing better. my left eye started to have symptoms of iritis, so I went to see the doctor again. Turns out to be just allergies, but it still gave me a scare. I can handle iritis is one eye, not two.

I downloaded the latest episode of The Strangerhood and decided to try to make a DVD using the iDVD and iMovie programs on my Mac. Talk about easy! I pieced all the clips together in iMovie and clicked the iDVD button. The computer made a DVD images with jump-to-chapter menus, transitions, everything! I tweeked the menus to more my liking, clipped some of the audio from "Crazy Zoo" (the Strangerhood theme song), put in a few frames for backgrounds, and voila! Instant DVD! Now I have a disc to show my friends without having to hookup the computer everytime. I am planning on gathering all the misc. clips I have downloaded and making a DVD of them.

I am also working on moving my blogs from Blogger to my local system at home. I mirror all my Rooster Teeth journals over there so all my friends and family can keep-up with our activities.

I guess that is it . . .

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