January 15, 2006

Like Sands in the Hourglass . . .

Stop the presses, Craig updated his journal!

Sorry I haven't posted an entrym in a while. Every time I sit down and catch-up on everyone else, I seem to run out of time. So, with no further ado . . .

The Trans Am chronicles continue. We picked-up the car from the mechanic Friday last week. The owner told us it was "smoking a little bit from some risidule oil spill on the exhaust". We drove it home, watching a slight hint of smoke coming from underneath. I understand this. Not a problem. Until . . . we went on a cruise Saturday. It was still smoking a little. I figured it as no problem. I jumped on the freeway and opened her up. at about 70 MPH, I checked the mirror to change lanes and noticed on little problem . . . I could not see anything behind us due to a rather big smoke cloud we were leaving behind. Needless to say, I babied the car home. I called the mechanic Monday to tell him about the issues and that Ellen was having the car towed back to the shop. He called back and said nothing is wrong, that it just needs to burn off. Well, after a little argument about how if he fixed it right the first time there would be no oil spillage, he agreed to clean-up the bottom of the car. We have it back and it seems okay. It doesn't drive the same as it did before the engine blew, but we don't care. It is for sale.

But last week had it's good events! Ellen went in for a job interview Teusday and was offered the position Friday. She will be doing the same thing she did when we lived in Lancaster, Documentation Control. The company is the only one today that makes all the toilets for aircraft. (I know there are many jokes here).

My job has become a little more challenging. I am the head UNIX guy for our SunRay deployment at Raytheon. With around 400 clients, that is a big job! I have been helping Chris Greenman with his deployment as well, so I am becoming well versed in them! This was also the first full week since the holidays, so it seemed to last forever.

This weekend was filled with fun. Ellen and I went to Canyon County to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. We played poker til midnight. Ellen was the big winner at our table. Oh, we only played with chips, no money. Sunday, we had Romanian friends drive down from Palmdale to spend to evening at the pier for dinner.

That about wraps it up!

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  1. Things sound like they are going great for you and Ellen. Now, if you can only avoid blowing up her new car.......