January 25, 2006

Test Drive

I stopped by the Hummer dealer yesterday to get a few facts about the H3. A salesman quickly found the key to the one stick shift they have (yes, I actually prefer stick, even living in the city won't change that) and tossed it to me. No verification of a valid driver's license, no proof of insuance, nothing! This really shocked the hell out of me. For those of you that know me, you know what kind of slob I am on my days off. Jeans, t-shirt, unbuttoned flannel and a day's growth on the beard. I also pulled in with my ratty looking pickup, and they still treated me with dignity!

I totally fell in love with this truck! Turns on a dime, rides smooth for a 4WD, Just pleasant! The acceleration wasn't the best, but it is not as bad as advertised. Hey, it is a truck, not a dragster. It may not pass many gas stations, but it can drag the station away after is does! If you really want to see how impressive it is, watch these clips:

Twist Ditch
Game Over

We need to get a few financial things taken care of first, but the H3 is my next vehicle (after Ellen's Solstice, of course!)

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