January 5, 2006

Just in Time

We are selling the Trans Am soon. I drove it to work last thursday and noticed the transmission was slipping. The fluid was a little burned and low. I was hoping that the slipping was caused by the low fluid, but no such luck. The mechanic is putting in a used one for *cough* $1600. I don't think I will be driving it to work again . . . Bad things seem to happen to it when I am driving . . .

I am sure glad we ordered the Solstice. We still have the S-10 pickup and Vibe, so we are not really hurting for a car right now. I am actually enjoying driving the truck right now anyways. People don't challenge me on the freeway as much.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about the TA. Having a new car will be lots of fun, not to mention smelling that "new car" aroma.