December 31, 2005

So Long 2005!

Another year gone by . . . where does the time go?

So much has happened just this last week!

Ellen and I went to our local Pontiac dealer and ordered her a new Solstice. They actually had one on the showroom floor, but they still wanted $6000 over the sticker! They made another offer, but there were a few scratches in the paint, so we decided to wait. The estimate right now is six months . . .

I also went to visit NASA up at Edwards for a former co-workers going away party. Dale was a great guy, but I will be seeing him more. He got a job with Sun Microsystems out of El Segundo. He is covering the Antelope Valley area and will have to report about twice a week to the office down here. It was also good to see the other people that I worked with there. I actually miss that place . . . but not the desert!

Here is the recap of 2005 (not in chronological order):

I got a job working for Raytheon (formerly Hughes Aircraft) in El Segundo. This also led us to move to Torrance, CA.
My best friend moved to North Carolina, but we remain just as close.
I got yet another case of iritis
I made lots of friends in the RT forum, even met one in person
I saw another good friend leave NASA to advance his career
I blew-up the engine in my wife's car
Spent a long weekend in San Diego
Had my hopes shot down for going to the Video Games Live concert when it was cancelled
Bought a new Mac laptop with all the trimmings (including an iPod)
Worked about fifteen power outages at work, twelve of them at NASA
Passes half of my Solaris certification
My sister moved to Rodeo, New Mexico and got married to a great guy!
My nieces performed ballet at a more professional studio
Bought a headset for my XBox and got hooked on Halo 2 w/XBox Live
Started my film career with stop-animation Lego movies

Thats about it! Here's to another great year!

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