August 29, 2017

H4O - Bishop, CA - August 11-12, 2017

It was very refreshing in the mountains around Bishop. So much water this year. Combined with the cooler temperatures made it a trip to remember! There were still washed out bridges and many flooded fields around town.

DesertDan (former member of that other Hummber club) had moved to Bishop and accompanied me on the Wheeler prerun.

The new signage on the way up let us know that we were in for some challenges.

Once we reached the crest, we were greeted with a wonderful sight. The snowmelt pond still had plenty of water along with a slew of tadpoles and frogs.

There was a fire blazing in the western Sierras so the view was a little smokey.

Of course, coming back down makes the trail all different.

I did have a close encounter with a tree . . .

 On Friday, my buddy Craig (Stitch to those who have met him on previous runs) joined Dan and myself for the run up Silver Canyon.

Silver Creek was running well and provided a lot of entertainment. It was the same heading down Wyman Canyon on the backside of the White Mountains.

However, there were a few washed-out areas.

We turned around to head back to Bishop through Silver Canyon. From the top, you can see all the water reservoirs across the valley holding the influx of water.

 Saturday, we tackled Wheeler Ridge. Dan did not feel like taking that again and bowed out but we picked up Jeremy with his family.

It was a great three days of wheeling!

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