July 19, 2011

CHO - Bishop - July 2011

Zach and I had a very successful prerun in Bishop last weekend. We arrived in town Thursday and started off with a night run up Elderberry Canyon on Mount Tom.

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Friday morning, we took the trail up to Wheeler Ridge.  All the rain this year sure caused a lot of overgrowth of brush and trees on the trail. We cut down some branches to get Zach's big beast through.

All the meadows were so green!

Lots of green with sites of snow in the peaks.  Combine this with some boulder crawling for a great time.

The view at the top by snow melt pond was just beautiful!

Unfortunately, a small snow drift blocked the last bit of the road about a mile from the lookout point.

A short hike was rewarded with an incredible view of Round Valley.

We also got a chance to play around in the snow in a safer place.

And even found time for some poser shots!

The following day, we took Silver Canyon over to Wyman Canyon. Once again, the water was plentiful and gave us a lot of overgrowth on the trails.

The view of the Owens Valley from Silver Canyon is unforgettable.

And the view of the Sierras from the top is unlike anything else!

On the way down Wyman Canyon, we encountered a lot of beautiful wildflowers.

Zach got to experience country life by getting up close and personal with some free range horses.

We also got pretty close to a large herd of cattle on the way through.

We got distracted by all the fun creek crossings though.

I decided to take Zach back down Silver Canyon. He said it gave him a whole different perspective.

If you look carefully in the center of this pic, you will see the switchbacks we drove.

We finally got to see the big horn sheep thanks to Chris' keen eyesight.

We then took a cruise up the the Chalk Bluffs for a spectacular view of the Owens River.

You can view all my pictures here: LINKY

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