June 14, 2011

CHO - Hungry Valley - June 2011

We had a small but fun turnout for the Hungry Valley run. We had 2 H2s and 3 H3s.

We played around in the 4x4 practice area for quite a while. This was a great place to learn how do some basic wheeling.

Of course, there was the occasional opportunity to show off a bit.

We even found some water to play in.

We took a cruise up Sterling Canyon and got a quick bite to eat. Mudbug left us early and so were down one H2. Soon after, we found ourselves playing on some rather steep hills.

I then tried to lead the troop over to Vics Cat but ran into a little hitch (and a few trees). It was a this point that Zach noticed he was missing his front plate. We headed back over to the 4x4 practice area to see if we could recover it, but it was nowhere to be found. We were inspired to play around some more in this area and I found myself taking the rock sluice again. This time I did not fare so well and ended up pleaving some paint from my drivers door on the same rock that 06H3 found on his last trip there.

After providing the entertainment in the rock sluice, we decided to air back up and head out. We caught dinner at Claim Jumper in Valencia with a lot of entertainment provided by WarMongur, Zach and Zach's passenger.

Overall, it was a great day. A little bit carnage but everyone drove away with no breaks.

All of my pics can be viewed here: LINKY

and a few more here: LINKY

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