July 17, 2010

Monte Carlo Gadgets

I finally got the "necessities" installed in my '98 Z34.

I bought the car a few weeks ago and quickly realized how much I miss things like bluetooth for my cellphone and music from my iPod. I had an old Dension iPod dock that once was installed in a previous vehicle. I also had a Parrot bluetooth kit that was in my Solstice before I put a Pioneer navigation system in it. All I needed were the right wire harnesses and mounting plate for the iPod dock.

(click pictures to view larger version)

Taking apart the dash was not hard. This car had see a lot of sunlight which made the plastic brittle. All the upper mount lugs broke off.

The center console worked well for hiding all the wires and modules.

While I had everything torn apart, I figured it was a good time to mount the ScanGauge as well. A couple of zip ties holds it firmly in tape/CD storage area. I split the storage and filed a notch to make it easier to run the wires.

Here is the final result. Everything worked like a champ!

Here is the list of parts used:

  • Dension ice>Link iPod dock

  • Pro.Fit Vehicle Specific Mounts-Standard VSM CV-50-94

  • PIE GM9-AUX 1995-up GM 9-pin Auxiliary Input Converter

  • Quick Connect Products ISO Wiring Harness Most 88-02 GM Vehicles

  • Parrot Evolution CK3000 Bluetooth Kit

  • ScanGauge II

All parts except the dock were purchased on amazon.com

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