June 2, 2010

Big Bear Wheelin'

Yep, I went another awesome wheeling trip. We had seventeen trucks all together (2 H1s, 3 H2s, 8 H3s and 4 jeeps).

We proceeded up Rattlesnake Canyon of Highway 18 on the east side of the mountains around Big Bear. Not much challenge here but the scenery was awesome.

After coming out of the canyon, we drove through a beautiful Joshua tree grove.

We then stopped just before the trail head to Heartbreak Ridge for a bit of lunch. Some of us teamed-up to pull a prank on our trail leader, Seth. Someone poured water over his differential to make it look like it was leaking. Yeah, it was cruel, but all in good fun!

The first part of Heartbreak Ridge was a challenge, Half Shaft Hill.

We tackled a section known as "The Squeeze" with one Jeep tearing off a valve stem, the only breakdown on the trip. Not bad for how many vehicles we had.

Just past this area is the loop to the top of the mountains. The view from the top was great.

The road coming down got a little narrow and tricky. The back of my truck rolled off a rock towards the edge. Just a little bit of pucker factor!

We took one more trail with some minor challenges to get back to the pavement.

Everyone made it out safely. It was a very fun day. As usual, here are all the links:



1 - Rattlesnake Canyon
2 - Between Rattlesnake Canyon and Heartbreak Ridge
3 - Approaching Halfshaft Hill
4 - Halfshaft Hill
5 - The Squeeze
6 - Heartbreak Ridge Loop P1
7 - Heartbreak Ridge Loop P2
8 - Leaving Heartbreak Ridge P1
9 - Leaving Heartbreak Ridge P2

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