June 6, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

Thanks to working a 9/80 schedule, my weekend started on Friday. I managed to get a lot done on my day off while everything was open and lacked the weekend congestion of people.

My first chore was to get the Hummer cleaned from the previous weekend's exploits in Big Bear. I enjoy driving it around all muddy to make a point that I take it wheeling but it was time remove any evidence of having fun.

Next was a trip to the muffler shop again. I apparently smacked the flange just ahead of the muffler with a something while wheeling last weekend. Once again, Supreme Muffler performed surgery on the truck and fixed the issue. They replaced an eighteen inch section, totally removing the flange. Guess I will not hit that again!

Next was the barber shop to get the mop chopped. The rest of the day was spent playing Bioshock again! total bliss

Saturday got even better. I was able to reunite with yet another fellow classmate from Bishop, Mary Nadasi (formerly Mary Kratz). Ellen and I met up with Mary, her husband and two lovely children. It it always great to get back in touch with people from my past. Unfortunately Mary was the only one that remembered to take pics of us. I am hoping she shares them later.

After lunch, Ellen and I went to Santa Monica to hang out at the 3rd Street Promenade. Not a cloud in the sky until we got close to the coast and then we had overcast. It actually made it pretty nice outside.

Sunday was spent reliving memories. The reunion with Mary made me want to dig through the pics to find some jewels from my past:

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