February 28, 2010

Weekend Hummer Work

I spent most of my weekend working on the Hummer. I reached the end of my frustration level with all the rattles and radio noise and decided to finally get it all fixed.

Friday was spent working on the exhaust. It seems that the aftermarket bolt-on I installed three years ago was not meant to keep taking the abuse of off-roading. I smashed the tips and broke two mounts last year and managed to bend something out of place this year. Mike, The owner of Supreme Muffler in Lomita, is getting used to seeing me on a regular basis. He added some supports to keep the exhaust where it belongs this time.

While he was there, I had him weld in a set of skid plates I recently purchased to protect the front mount for the leaf springs in the rear.

Now, it was time time to fix the stereo once and for all. I finally found the culprit for all the static issues. It was a faulty plug end that connects to the factory wires. As I was playing around with the wires, I noticed the static went away. After playing with the wires for about an hour, I finally located the issue. I found a replacement plug end at WalMart for eight dollars and spent a few hours soldering it all in. Presto! There is still a little bit of alternator noise coming over the speakers which I plan on fixing with a filter later. I can live it for now.

I am spending all day Sunday sitting on my butt! I already watched two movies that I wanted to see (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Iron Man).

It was a rather productive weekend. I think I will be ready to go back to work tomorrow.

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