June 7, 2009

Solstice Event

What a fun three days off! I had my 9/80 Friday added to the weekend.

Friday was spent mostly playing Bioshock. Since Ellen was a t work, I got to spend a good chink of time burring my attention into the XBox for some uninterrupted play.

Saturday led Ellen and I to Temecula for a Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky meet.

It was really fun meeting all the Kappa car enthusiasts that showed up. We even had a fun cruise through the local hills. Turned a few heads as we all went by!

The leader of the cruise was Tony Williams from the second season of TV reality show, Bullrun.

We had quite a group. Here is a panoramic of all of us at a regathering spot: LINKY

You can see all the pictures here: LINKY

Thanks goes out to all the wonderful people at Kappasphere for organizing a fun event!

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