June 4, 2009

Old Disk Platters

An old high school classmate, Kevin, sent me a package of old disk platters in the mail. He saw some pics of some old DEC platters that I had posted on my webpage and asked if I would be interested in having a few more. Without hesitation, I said yes. Well, the package came in yesterday. I was not quite prepared for this. The box was 3 feet by three feet and about an inch thick.

I was amazed at the nylon cord stitching holding it together. Apparently, it was glued as well. Took a little effort to get it opened, but it was well worth it!

Two of these platters made me all giddy inside. The first was the IBM 7030 1MB platter, AKA manhole cover (yes, that is my cell phone in the middle to help show the size) :

. . . and the glass optical platter:

These are going to look awesome hanging on my wall in the computer room. I was going to make clocks for some friends out of these, but I like them too much for myself.

Thanks a bunch, Kevin. I am fully geeked-out!

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