May 24, 2009

More Hummer Audio Issues

I have been fighting some intermittent static issues the last few months in the Hummer. Every now and then, the front right speaker would have static, kinda like a loose wire. I finally decided to dig down and locate the source of the problem today. Fortunately, the static came back while I had it apart. I had everything disconnected except the Metra wire harness. That pretty much told me where the problem is since I had the stock head unit back in for a few weeks with no issues at all. I had a chat with a small stereo shop in town about the matter to make sure I wasn't just chasing my tail. He thought I might have too much of a load on the unit with both the radio and camera drawing from it. I went back home and rewired all the power, putting in a terminal strip and a relay. Now I have a separate power feed controlling everything.

Ellen cooked a wonderful steak dinner. What a way to wrap-up the day. Even the cat was exhausted! What a goof.

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