May 22, 2009


Had a busy day today. I got the exhaust fixed on the Hummer. I found an awesome little shop in Lomita that had some talented workers. They were able to slide up the pipes to keep the axle from hitting and fabricated some turn-down tips and tucked the up close to the bumper. If they get damaged now, I have other problems that I need to take care of!

More pics here: LINKY

I stopped by Game Stop to pick up a copy of Bioshock. I didn't have much interest in the game until I got an itch to try the demo. The storyline got me intrigued, so I had to get it. Maybe I will finish it before Bioshock 2 is released.

Since I still had time left, I took the truck to get the tire rotated and the oil changed. The only thing I need to get done now is take the Hummer to the body shop and get the dent in the rear repaired. I was going to drop it off today, but rental car prices are typically higher on holiday weekends. I will take it in later, maybe my next Friday off.

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