February 25, 2009

Mud and Money

Whew! I had so much fun the last few weekends!

Back on February 13th, I took a good family friend, Andy, out for some four wheeling up in Hungry Valley. We had this trip planned for some time and didn't even let the impending storm ruin the trip. It was the first time I really had a chance to get some real mud on the Hummer.
Pictures can be found here: LINKY.
I also put a few video clips up here: LINKY

Ellen and I stuck around the house over the weekend, not doing much. That is because we had a trip planned for her birthday. We went to Las Vegas for four days and three nights. We walked through so many casinos, but not enough to recover from all the buffets. We took Ellen's car, so our shopping habits were kept in check since we barely had enough room for out luggage. We did catch a Blue Man Group show at the Venetian. Boy, was that show worth it!
You can catch out pictures here: LINKY

Work has been very busy. I have recently moved to the IT Security department at work. It feels good to be back in my old niche that I did at NASA for seven years. Unfortunately, I am just now transitioning my old duties over the other people right now, so it is like doing double duty.

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