December 14, 2008

Getting in the Spirit

Wow, it has been tough getting into the spirit of Christmas this year. Ellen and I finally got the tree up a week ago and all the decorations up around the house.

I even slapped a wreath on the front of the Hummer.

Things were going good until this last Thursday. We got a call from Ellen's mom that her dad was in the emergency room. He had been sick for over a week running a fever. Turned out to be ruptured gall bladder. The surgeon removed it that night, leaving him in the hospital until Sunday night. He was getting pretty grumpy in the hospital. I guess I would be too.

Unfortunately, We had to cancel our trip to Plaster City with GodOBiscuits. Sorry dude.

For those that are curious, I do have a Lego advent calendar. The geek is always in me!

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