September 30, 2008

Someone Finally Got it Right

I have finally found a press release that accurately describes the Hummer H3:
Hummer H3

The trouble with the H3 is that people, especially cyclists and pedestrians, think it's the real thing. The fact is it's much, much smaller than the H1 and H2 models made famous by the Gulf War and rap artists' shoot-outs. Its five-cylinder engine makes it no more profligate than Japanese petrol SUVs, and when compared to most of them it's actually better in the dirt and more refined and nimble on the road. For just over $60,000, the Hummer H3 has a reputation it doesn't deserve, but unfortunately, it also has the looks to ensure that you can never persuade anyone otherwise.

The price is a little off, but that is because it originated from New Zealand.

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