September 27, 2008

Bad Day for Jade

Our cat Jade had a rough day. For the first time in three years, she left the house. She has been getting some nasty knots in her fur, so we decided to get her hair cut. Jade is so feisty that we had to have her doped-up for the procedure. That was about 9:00 this morning . . .

Jade was growling all the way home, though I now suspect it was her very tired and not able to meow very well. She has a good appetite, but is still recovering.

It is now 7:30 and she is still pretty tired. She can't walk very well yet and keeps fallen over when she gets moving too fast. Jade jumped on the sofa to lie next to Ellen about an hour ago and hasn't moved since. I think I will sleep downstairs with the cat so she doesn't try to climb the stairs.

Still, not bad for a fourteen year old cat!

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