July 20, 2008

A Long Moment of Silence

It has been a while since I posted anything meaningful on my blog. Here is a modest attempt to catch everyone up . . .

Ellen and I got a sudden itch to go look for a house to buy. We have been dumping a good chunk of our earnings into rent and want something to show for out hard work. While walking to dinner one night, we passed by a townhouse hat was perfect. It was about 1600 square foot townhouse with a two car garage and a large storage room not included in the square footage. we got to the point where we were starting to sign all the disclosures when we realized it was too much for us to afford. Well, we could afford it, but not with the life style he have accustomed ourselves to. Luckily, we were able to get out of the deal with a minimal loss.

During the house ordeal, we analyzed ourselves and saw some area we could work on to help save money. For starters, we are selling the pickup. It is hard for me to let go, but it sits parked most of the time. We only use it as a backup vehicle. Since both of our every-day vehicles are both under warranty, it seems pointless to keep paying registration and insurance on a car we only drive maybe once every two months. We have a lot of good memories with the S-10. It was the main trip vehicle for years, not to mention all the work trips I took it on. Looks like it will be going to a good home though. A fellow co-worker want to buy it for his son who needs it at college. I think it would be a good vehicle for him.

I also put a bluetooth kit in the Hummer. I was using the OnStar with the Verizon package, which brought it to about $45.00/month. now I just use my cell phone.

Well, it is getting late and close to my bedtime. Y'all take care.

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