June 22, 2008

Chillin' this Hot Weekend

The heat wave came in and attacked us this weekend, but it didn't keep us from keeping our cool. We saw temps as high as 95. Before you tell me how much hotter it is where you live, keep in mind that I have NO air conditioning, not even a swamp cooler. Yeah . . . I bet you had the A/C on long before it got that hot, eh?

Dennis, husband of a coworker of Ellen's, came over Saturday and repaired our refrigerator. The compressor seized due to overheating. I guess all that cat hair in the coils wasn't good for it after all. We had to take several trips to get the parts needed for the repair, but ended with success after about four hours.

We went for a swim afterwords at Ellen's parent's apartment complex. We completed the evening with dinner at Spires, a local coffee shop. The temp was back down into seventies when we finally got home.

We completed the rest of our weekend chores. Both cars got filled with gas and washed, I got a hair cut and Ellen restocked the refrigerator. I spent a good part of the day increasing my Xbox Live gamerscore by dedicating some time into Lego Indiana Jones.

I have been experiencing some pain in a tooth, so I am going to have to go to the dentist some time this week. I am actually overdue to see her anyways.

It is finally cooling down enough to go to bed. Gotta catch a few winks.

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