September 4, 2007

The Heat is On

Like everyone else, I survived the heat wave this weekend. It got about 95F around my place this weekend. I only have fans, no A/C, but I kept the apartment as cool as the air outside.

Since I had Friday off, I spent the whole day cleaning out the garage. I have had one of my rollaways in the computer room since we moved there and got tired of always running back to the apartment whenever I needed a tool. All my tools are now in the garage where they belong.

Saturday, I worked on the Hummer. I took the steps off and pounded the brackets back to the straightened position. Man, I beat them up pretty bad on that last trip into the Sierras. At least I was smart enough to take the mud flaps off. Next time, the steps are coming off too!

We had company come is from Norwalk Sunday (it was 107F there) and we spent the day down at Redondo pier, where it was only 80F! On the way back home, we took a drive down the coast by Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills, all the way down to San Pedro. We watched the beautiful sunset over by the Point Vicente lighthouse.

Monday, we went to Ellen's parent's place to enjoy the swimming pool. A perfect place to cool off.

Now that I am back at work, I can go into the server rooms to cool off. I found out we had several power hits over the weekend here, so I better get to work and bring the downed server back up . . .

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  1. Wow, surprisingly it was cooler here in the Southwest. Hope the heat wave is over and you are back in the idyllic 70's. We have been getting wonderful afternoon rains that keep us cool.