August 27, 2007

Fun Weekend

Had another fun weekend. We started out by driving to Anaheim to go to Fry's. Check another Fry's off my list that I need to visit. Here is the tally so far . . .
* Manhatten Beach - Jungle Theme (not too much to see)
* Burbank - 50's Sci-Fi (Big UFO crashed into side of building)
* Fremont - Electricity (Large Tesla coil and Jacob's Ladder)
* Palo Alto - Wild West (kinda like Manhatten Beach, but westerm)
* San Jose - Egyptian
* Sunnyvale - Radio (plain, but they have a few cool displays)
* City of Industry - Mechanical
* Woodland Hills - Alice in Wonderland
* Las Vegas - Gambling (duh)

Sunday was spent at the LA Zoo. It was a nice day for it. We got sprinkled on a little bit when the overcast thickened-up, but it didn't "dampen" our spirits at all. We left the zoo around 4:00 and ordered dinner at out new favorite Mexican food place, La Capilla.

I also got the data off my GPS from my trip to Bishop. I am posting it in both Garmin and Google Earth format, so you should be able to roam around and get a good idea what we drove through.

Garmin File
Google Earth File

I also cleaned-up and documented the pictures from the trip, so take another look: LINKY

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