July 18, 2007


Yesterday was not a fun day. I apparently chipped a filling over the weekend and finally got it fixed yesterday after work. Sure is a relief to be able to chew on my left side again!

While looking for a place to eat, Ellen and I stopped at the Del Amo Mall for dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe. Sice we were don at 6:00, we decided to walk over to the theater as see Transformers.

OMG, was that a cool movie! I was relieved to see the film be true to the original story. Even Ellen liked the move, but then again, she is a Josh Duhamel fan. They even incorporated the transforming sound from the cartoon into the movie!

Yeah, just pure coolness! Guess that would explain the production of Transformers 2.

That is all I have. Later.

1 comment:

  1. I loved the movie too!! Optimus Prime will always be my favorite. Travis brought me the little action toy you get out of happy meals. It was probably the happiest moment I've had in a while.