July 24, 2007

10-4 Good Buddy

I finally got the CB antenna mounted on the Hummer this weekend.

I think I found a pretty clean mount for this. Go ahead and take a look at the rest of the pics: LINKY

I had a little scare Monday though. I noticed my car alarm on the Hummer was a little quiet when I deactivated it. My concern was verified when I turned the ignition key to start and was treated to nothing but clicks from my starter. Something killed the battery. In a panic, the first thing I checked for was to make sure everything was powered off. I am not in the habit of leaving anything on in my cars. Everything looked good. Now I was thinking that I caused a short when installing the CB. I decided it was best not to take chances and got a jump from AAA and then went straight to the dealer to have it checked out. Turned out to be a faulty battery, a known problem with 2006 H3s.

Not too much else going on. I am really looking forward to going off-roading with my father next month. It will be fun to relive the good ole days of Bishop.


  1. How doing. You have a pretty cool web sight. I like that hummer you got. Ill bet you have lots of fun. Anyway Im still doing the Army thing. I've got three more years and I retire and have to go find a real job..lol...I still dab in cars. I am currentlly driving a 69 two door sedan. I built the engine four years ago in our dinning room..lol..yeah I have not changed in some ways and other ways I have changed much but thats what happens when you start pushing 40..lol I have got a fully forged 383 stroker in my storage ( $8000 motor) but I still have not found a car that I want to put it in...Anyway I have got a lot of pictures of the kids and family and would like to send them to you so if you could drop me a line and let me know I will send them to you I think you and wife would really like them...YOUR FRIEND.....................IRA

  2. Hello!
    I really like your website. It's pretty sweet I dig the line green font. I've done a lot of off roading living in "offroading capital". My friend and I snapped his battery cable in his truck while muddin' (as we call it in Idaho). We had to use electrical tape and slowly coast down the mountain back into town. Overall it was a pretty fun time. Be careful!

  3. Well, I used to live up there as well (ask Travis). I kinda miss Post Falls . . .

    As far as the site, thanks. I was going for the retro look, since I am from the 8bit era (I started programming Apple ][s).

    As far as mudding, we don't call it that in California, we lack the water. ;-)

  4. Lack of water is very depressing. I used to live in California as well as Post Falls. I'm originally from Porterville, California (gross) but I lived in Joshua Tree, California by 29 Palms. Amazing world renowned rock climbing and not to far from the beach or skiing.

    Also, I don't blame you for missing Idaho. It's absolutely gorgeous here.